Chouhan Jaiprakash

From last 14 year I am extensively working and experimenting with new idea in the field of art as an abstract artist. While travelling to the historical places of India, I always tried to include the diversity of Indian culture and leaving of Indian people of on my art works most of my works have been developed be experiment with different shapes and forms.
I always tried to inculcate surrounding of my country to that it could reflect different side of its culture in abstract form of my work. I want to make strong opinion through my work and likely to built my own style in this field of art Though my work are untitled it still have a strong relatively to one another every time whenever I make new series on my work. I like include some remembrance of mine human emotion or some historical places and it ambience in my art forms. Mostly I use vibrant and earthy colours and apply it in rhythmic flow and play with light shade and texture with collectively shows my emotion in motion of my work, when one by one I complete my work and it become a series on its ones then only I exhibits my works.
I search realism in reality and if I found so then the realism create transformation in abstraction in my work that’s why its reject is uniqness in many forms without giving it a name or title other then canvas and paper. I have worked in many medium like oil, water color, acrylic color, iron, metal, wood, Scraps & Others as an experiment.

Born Dewas (M.P.)1977
2004 M.F.A. [Master of Fine Art] Indore(M.P.)

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    2014-“Forms & Shapes” at Hotel Taj Palace,New Delhi
    2013-“Anvarat” at Triveni Kala Sangam,New Delhi
    2011- “Samvad” at Triveni Kala Sangam,New Delhi
    2010 — “Internal Conversation”at Ayya art gallery,Chennai
    2009- “Shashavat” at mystiq art gallery(inaugurated shri S.H.Raza) ,New Delhi
    2007- “Astitva”at Art Entrence,Kalaghoda,Mumbai
    2016 — “Beyond the Vision” at India International Centre ,New Delhi
    2015 – “Sound Of Silence” at Rupabh kala dirgha, Bharat Bhavan ,Bhopal
    2013-Oz ‘Hat at Australion High Commision,New Delhi
    2012-“From the eye of an artist”Nehru center ,Mumbai
    2011-“Rubabh”Bharat bhavan ,Bhopal
    2007-Triveni kala sangam (open theater) gallery Delhi.
    2007-“Pratidhvani” at shanta art gallery, New Delhi.
    International Exhibition’s & camp :
    2015 India Art Fair (by Gallery Ragini )New Delhi
    2014 International art camp with 15 artists in Nahan (H.P.)
    2014 “Yong India” in San Bastiaun 18 Zuoz , Switzerland
    2014 “Windows 4 India” in Basel , Switzerland
    2015 Art Mart ,art Festival ,Khajuraho (M.P.)
    2015 group exhi. By gallery Ragini at gallery Romain Rolland,Aliance francaise,New Delhi
    2014 “Oblivious of Boundaries” by Gallery Ragini ,New Delhi
    2014 Group show by ICAC , at Jehangir art gallery,Mumbai.
    2014 “Panchanan”five artist at Jehangir art gallery,Mumbai
    2014 100 eminent artists of India cherity show, Eadel wise Ali bag,Mumbai
    2014 “Expressions”at Birla academy of Fine art,Kolkata
    2014- Expressions 10,at Lokayata Art Gallery,New Delhi
    2014- Art For all at Off the Wall art gallery,Jamshedpur .
    2014- 101,art Academy of Fine art ,Kolkata
    2013- Group Show at Greenwood art gallery,New Delhi
    2013- Group show by PAG at AIFACS,New Delhi
    2013-Expression’s 9 at Birla Academy Of Fine art ,Kolkata
    2013-Group Show at Niv art Centre ,New Delhi
    2013-“Anant aviram”at Lalit Kala Akademi ,New Delhi
    2012-“shimeesha”art Exhi.Rupabh,Bharat Bhawan Bhopal
    2012 “Artistic Extention’s” at Aks art Gallery Mumbai
    2012-the ‘mute’ shall talk,at gallery Romain Rolland,Aliance francaise,New Delhi
    2012-group show by Ayya art gallry-Chennai
    2011- International art Exhibition ,New Delhi
    2011 -“Nostalgia”art show at Jawahar Kala Kendra,Jaipur
    2010 -“Neno art’’exhibition at Daira art gallery ,Hyderabad
    2010 -“Samanvay” Thri artist at Devlalikar kala vithika ,Indore
    2016 M.P.State art Exhibition ,Khajuraho (M.P.)
    2015 Aifacs National art Exhi.,New Delhi
    2015 India Art Fair,New Delhi
    2013 Kalidasa National Exhibition,Ujjain
    2013- AIFACS Art Exhi.,New Delhi
    2012-AIFACS Art Exhi.,New Delhi
    2010-AIFACS Paintigs Exhibition,NewDelhi
    2009-Kalidasa National Exhibition , Ujjain
    2006.Gawalior-09M.P. State Art Exhibition, Ujjain
    2005,06,09,11-Dr. Vakanker Memorial Exhibition, Ujjian
    2005-National Art fair,(Kala vart)Indore
    2005-M. P. State Exhibition, Indore
    2005,09-Raza Award Exhibition, Gawalior
    2000 -“Ayas” State Art Exhibition, Jabalpur
    2014-Exilent Painting award by Colors land art academy ,Kolkata
    2011 -“Sarva Shrestha Purskar” P. Shree V. S. Vakankar Ujjain
    2005,2009-P. Shree V. S. Vakankar Ujjain
    2009-M.P.state(Certificate)award Gawalio
    2009-Kala samman by Dewas youth welfare association,Dewas
    Artists Ressidency :
    2013 by Niv art Foundation ,New Delhi
    2014 National art camp by Off the wall art gallery,Jamshedpur(Tata nagar)
    2014 National Art Camp organized by ICAC gallery at Kamath Resort,Mumbai
    2014-“International Art Camp with 15 eminent artists ,Nahan (H.P.)
    2011-Mix-Media Foundation Manipur,Guwahati(Assam)
    2011-“Varnagam shivir” M.P.sanskriti & kalidasa akademi-Khajuraho
    2010-“National artist camp” at Girivan resort ,by Mystiq Vilage Pune
    2009- “Varnagam shivir”by kalidasa akademi Ujjain,M.P.sanskriti Vibhag in Amarkantak
    2009-07 –Scindia National Art symposium ,Gwalior
    2009-National art camp tour ,karnataka organised by Mystiq vilage Pune
    2007 -“Prarambh” Fine art work shop in Alibaug, Mumbai
    2006-International art festival (Kala vart), Ujjain.
    2006 -“Prarambh” the First stroke..Fine art work shop in Shimla
    Hotel Taj Palace (New Delhi ), Hotel Hayat (New Delhi ),Alcatel-Multinational comp.,Hotel Redisson Marina(C.P.)New Delhi,Bharat Bhavan ,Bhopal, Su.Shri Lata Mangeshkar , Mumbai and many others in India & London,U.K.,chikago,californiya U.S.A,Dubai