Jaya Lakshmi

Senior Diploma in Painting from Rabindra bharathi University. West Bengal
Trained under Jitender Jain of Sree Arts , Lanette Duncan and Caryl St Ama of USA
: MA Litrature(English) Andhra University
: BSc , Daulatram College, Delhi University
2008 Gold medal , Bangia Sangeet parishad
2011 First prize in Powergrid Annual Art Exhibition
2012 Consolation prize in Powergrid Annual Art Exhibition
2013 First prize in Powergrid Annual art Exhibition
2013 HIFA Annual art exhibition at Chandigarh
2014 Allaprima International Art fair New delhi
2014 96 Annual art Exhibition by ART SOCIETY OF INDIA at JAHANGIR ART GALLERY,Mumbai.
2016 India art festival New Delh
2010 Tranquility at SREE ARTS gallery,Gurgaon
2012 Quest at LOKAYATA art gallery ,Hauzkhas Village,New Delhi
2013 Enchanting Encaustics LALITKALA ACADEMY, New Delhi Potpourri at TAJ PALACE,New Delhi
2014 Captivity at Triveni, New Delhi, Expressions at Fremont CA USA
2011 Vinayasa 1 by Sree Arts at Epicentre, Gurgaon

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    2012 Mohana at LALITKALA ACADEMY,New Delhi, Vinyasa 2 by Sree Arts at Epicentre, Gurgaon
    Artmart at Epicentre, Gurgaon
    2013 Art Jumboree by Absolute, Daira center for art and culture, Hyderabad
    Rote’art at Art Hub, ABU DHABI, Ahimsa by SREE ARTS at Galerie Romain Rolland,
    Indo French, cultural centre, New Delhi
    Art Bouquet Hungarian Information and Cultural Centre,New Delhi
    Art for Uttarakhand at LALITKALA ACADEMY, New Delhi
    Shravan at Art Place, Gurgaon.
    Monsoon Mantra by Art Floor at Pullman hotel, Gurgaon
    Confluence 3 at Birla Academy of Fine Art & Culture, Kolkata
    Deva Deva by Prakruti at LALITKALA, New Delhi.
    Sher — Kala, a group show of tiger masks organized by BRIATOSH. New Delhi
    Femin 2 for International Women’s Day at MUSE ART GALLERY, Hyderabad
    Confluence 4 at Lokayata art gallery, Hauzkhas Village. New Delhi
    Group 21 at Lokayata art gallery, Hauzkhas village. New Delhi
    Group 21 at the MUSEUM of FINE ARTS, Chandigarh
    Miniature 101 at State art Gallery, Hyderabad
    2015 Dot and Stroke an Internatonal Art Exhibition at Art Gate Gallery.Mumbai
    Agroup exhibiton by gallery IEMA.Nagpur
    Omnipresence a group exhibition by gallery The Renaissance.Pune
    Enlightenment a group show at Ailemma Art Gallery.Hyderabad
    Group 21 at Lokayata rt Gallery.New Delhi
    Celebration of Womanhood a groupshow at Indore
    Kalasparsh, groupshow at Visual Art Gallery, India Habitat Center, New Delhi
    Expressions 13 International women art fair, Birla Academy of fine arts, Kolkata
    Group show at Ailamma art gallery, Hyderabad.